Good Shit Today

I haven't done one of these in a long time. But today merits it.
  1. A Harry Potter marathon from bed.
    1-4. JK Rowling is a fucking plotting genius. And every time I re-watch/read I am more convinced. Maybe she's a robot.
  2. Fried egg sandwich at Pedaler's Fork.
    This restaurant in Calabasas can do no wrong.
  3. Dog-sitting Coop.
    The most handsome dog in Topanga.
  4. Chill married's time with @dev
    Not enough one on one time these days. Too much work, not enough play. Nice to reconnect.
  5. Prosciutto and Brie in bed for dinner.
    With salt and pepper crackers and...
  6. Meeker Fossil wine
    Fucking delicious wine (as all we've tried have been) by @lucas
  7. Quiet. And no expectations.