Good Shit Today

  1. The smell of mint at the farmers market today was next level.
    I bought a bushel. Every time I walk into the kitchen I yell to the rooftops about how damn good it smells.
  2. Enjoying our Sunday croissants beach side.
  3. Celebrated being married to @dev for a year by not actually celebrating -- redefining how we as a family are going to engage with holidays.
    There were snuggles and waxing nostalgic, and a nice lunch of wine and cheese at home, but no presents. No stress. No expectations.
  4. Had to work, but did it efficiently!
  5. Listened to Dev sing, "You don't own me," while he was cooking. We flip those gender stereotypes in this house, boos.
  6. The too hot afternoon was spent playing monopoly, watching West Wing and enjoying rosé, Brie and prosciutto.
    This is the sexiest thing I have ever photographed. If you want to turn me on, ➡️
  7. Found a new hike in a familiar park!
    Fuck yeah, Topanga.
  8. Not a bad day spent with my #1.