Good Shit Today - 4/11/15

  1. Morning hike in my favorite LA park with @garrett @dctolli and @dev
    15,000 steps. 2 watering holes. 1 MASH set. And all the wildflowers in the motherfucking land.
  2. Lunch at an amazing brunch spot, Old Place Restaurant, discovered thanks to the suggestion of ListApp gal @TheCreativeFail
    Western. Live folk music. Dope bar. Dark wood. Amazing grilled cheese. 6 minutes from my LA soul mate park. In the middle of nowhere but also next to a winery. I mean... Yes. Forever please and thank you.
  3. Bought shorts.
    American Apparel high-waisted denims, to be specific. I haven't owned a pair of denim shorts that I haven't made out of old jeans since I was in high school. I feel fancy.
  4. Rosé + Veep.
    Miraval -- the Brangelina pink wine -- is shockingly buttery and delightful. And re-watching Veep, cause tomorrow Selina is potus (and Winter is Coming).
  5. In bed by 9:30pm on a Saturday.
    Because that's how we crazy kids do. (I know how it sounds but trust me, you'll love it. It feels indulgent af.)