Good Things From This Week and a Half

Because it is important to remember them.
  1. The canals were filled with mullet, swimming together in hoards.
  2. Kayaking through the Buck Key kayak trails
  3. Finishing the galley of @Becky 's new book, The Sunlit Night, and loving it. Coming out in July, folks!
  4. Road tripping to see @laurensavoy and her fam.
  5. My mother, @heidigross 's, very thoughtful birthday and Xmas presents.
  6. The discovery of LED Xmas lights at my neighbor's house and then taking photos in front of them.
    In the middle of the night, sneaking around in the dark like a burglar.
  7. Took some fun pictures with the great, new photojojo iPhone lenses @dev got me for Xmas
    See more on my Instagram: grosstastic
  8. Getting a new 2015 planner, and writing in it
  9. Discovered a new walking trail because of the @fats
  10. Biking alone at night in the dark, down moonlit dirt roads canopied by silhouettes of palm trees. And the sky is filled with stars.
  11. I learned about KERPLUNKING because it happened outside my bedroom window in the middle of the night and scared the shit out of me for an hour.