Great Parts of the Hbo Emmy Party

All these people clean up so damn good.
  1. Best dressed fox in the place, just FYI.
  2. Were you always this dreamy? Can we please go to an island of 10,000 people and craft for a bit?
  3. Omg so impressed with you and your nomination and your chic blonde hair! 💁You are a triumph.
  4. Tux chic. Like 007 but with more suave.
  5. Vintage glorious. Hair like fucking Aphrodite.
  6. The westworld writers
    If you have to spend 12 hrs a day/5 days a week with some folk, these are the guys with whom to do it.
  7. That @dev and I left Topanga and got a bit of human to human socializing. We definitely don't do that much.
    Which we're chill with, btw. Hibernation 4LIFE. Might I say he also looked super handsome and was way more popular than I was due to listapp secret fame, even though I work for HBO.
    Who I was too scared to go over and fawn all over in person but is genuinely my hero and was the highlight of my night.