Had a Date With Myself Today

Today was spent solely with me, myself and I. We're having a delightful time.
  1. Started the morning catching up on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and falling down a Pinterest spiral.
    I never knew how delicious this combo could be (highly delicious).
  2. Took myself on a two hour walk through Santa Monica.
    It was 82 degrees and I wore a sundress, Lennon sunglasses and Macalisters and it was 90s delightful.
  3. I read an entire book on "A History of Irish Fairies."
    But there was not one citation! And I'm sorry but if you're not even going to reference YEATS you cannot call yourself "a history." *DROPS MIC AND BOOK, STORMS OFF*
  4. I am currently having a Liv Tyler marathon.
    Stealing Beauty (for the first time), Empire Records (for the first time!), next maybe Lord of the Rings (for very much NOT the first time). Her FACE! I want to wear it as my face. (➕open to other Liv Tyler/mid-90s suggestions!)
  5. Dinner = 2 white wine spritzers and a Cadbury cream egg.
    Sweet maturity.
  6. Missing my dumb husband @dev
    Alone time is nice but I'd rather hike with you.
  7. UPDATE: indian in bed! Can this day be topped??