Having a Glorious Me Day

Hubs is out of town, so I've decided to make it a me day. No people, no chores, just a great big date with myself.
  1. 7.7 mile hike in the cool of the morning!
    19,304 steps! I'm a machine! This gif is vv accurate, btw.
  2. Finished the audiobook, Brain Maker
    Good but dryyyyy. Has convinced me that good gut bacteria may be the key to everything.
  3. Hung out with Mildred, the cat I'm watching for the weekend.
    She's finally come around to me after a solid 24 hrs of suspicion.
  4. Had a splurge at Sprouts
    I'm trying to learn about supplements, etc. Bought vitamin D and tumeric supplements! And frozen waffles! And biscuits! And quinoa pasta (because damn you Brain Maker and your villainizing of gluten). I have such a crush on Sprouts.
  5. Watched The Great British Baking Show!
    Everyone has recommended this to me and everyone was right. What a damn delight. The writer of Brain Maker would be shaking his head at all this delicious looking gluten, and I'm into it.
  6. Went to H&M and found, by sweet serendipity, the top I had wanted but was sold out, ON SALE.
    HOW???? Thx universe.
  7. About to open a bottle of $6 ros矇 and start replaying the awesome Naughty Dog game, The Last of Us.
    Gonna feel some feels and kill some baddies.
  8. Calling this day a WIN.