Having Such a Great JetBlue Experience Today I Had to Share

I've been a Continental/United girl until this year. Maybe that's just lowered my bar pretty severely? Either way, I'm never going back. I HATE flying, but JetBlue is doing their best to make it not torturous.
  1. Got to the airport early, and there was a flight to JFK already boarding. Asked if I could switch, and not only did I get on the flight quickly and easily but I got a great seat. No added cost, no hassle.
  2. When I told the flight attendant I hate turbulence and thus was ordering a second Jack Daniels, he comped me.
    Why? Because he's a mensch. They've all been so charming and chill!
  3. Tweeted about how wonderfully kind everyone has been, and JetBlue tweeted back for their names so they could give them kudos.
    I didn't mention the free booze, just FYI. But I'm really tickled that they are quick to recognize their employees.
  4. Also, free wifi?? That actually works??
    Got to watch most of @dev and @bjnovak on TechCrunch! They're so dreamy.