Hibernated Hard This Weekend 😎😎😎

@dev is in BK, and I'm alone in Topanga. I went HARD, ie the only human I spoke to in person was the ticket taker at the movie theater. SOMETIMES I LIKE TO HIBERNATE FROM HUMANITY YEAH BOI.
  1. Saw Magic Mike by myself
    💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯. Seeing this movie alone made me feel like a hardcore creeper but I discovered I was okay with that!
  2. Rented The Sound of My Voice
  3. All the pinterest
    Like, an amount that is worrisome. I have a secret fitspo board that has been taken over by pictures of randos stand up paddleboarding. I NEED TO DO IT AGAIN LIKE NOW.
  4. Saw The Duff
    Cute update of She's All That.
  5. Finished The Martian
    Like a charming version of Gravity.
  6. All the House Hunters
    Cozy background noise.
  7. Facetimed a beautiful baby!
    Sasha, baby of @iei515 and @Schneid who made me want to get knocked up right quick.
  8. Hiked BOTH days
    Nothing makes me feel more chill and accomplished. Ten miles (I got lost)!!!
  9. All the bagel bites
    When the cat's away, the mouse eats super unhealthy food.
  10. Laundry
    To prove I could be even vaguely responsible in Dev's absence.
  11. Drank fancy pink wine from the bottle
    Because I'm a BALLER WHAT?
  12. UPDATE: BBC's Planet Earth
    Nature is AMAZING (so is bourbon).