How I Spent My 30th Birthday

Or as I prefer it, my 29+th birthday
  1. Received loads of lovely emails, texts and messages.
    Thanks to everyone! So sweet! Am not worthy!
  2. Left our beautiful hotel in Astoria, OR and drove south to Cannon Beach.
    Guys, go stay at the Cannery Pier Hotel. Seriously. Just delightful. It's situated on a dock and the views of the Columbia River are spectacular. Also, I had my first bubble bath since moving to the west coast. I enjoyed it with a shower cap and my first Sue Grafton novel YOU CAN'T TOP THIS COZY. There was also a cocktail hour and many fireplaces. Do it.
  3. We passed road kill in the form of a DEAD ELK.
    Hello, pnw. Biggest road kill I've ever seen.
  4. We visited the wreck of the Peter Iredale @ Fort Stevens State Park
    Wreck was underwhelming (I said it) but the park itself was gorgeous. Go to the point where the Pacific and the Columbia River meet. Amazing.
  5. We drove into Cannon Beach, which is DELIGHTFUL af.
    If you like cedar shingles (which I do) this is your place. We visited Haystack Rock, as you're supposed to, and enjoyed the gloom.
  6. We ate lunch at Cannon Beach Hardware
    Hardware store turned pub. As chill and funkadelic as it sounds.
  7. And then went to Ecola State Park
    One of the prettiest parks I have EVER BEEN TO NO JOKE GO NOW. It's falling apart because of erosion, so hit it before it's gone.
  8. We watched my screener of JOY
    Jennifer Lawrence is a queen and David O. Russell knows how to showcase it. Also, feminism.
  9. We drank the champagne the @fats sent us yesterday to celebrate.
    Yummy! Thanks Clox!
  10. Then dinner at Irish Table
    During the day, a coffee shop. At night, a high end Irish pub. I am loving these places that are one thing and also a pub!
  11. And now, The Big Short.
  12. In other words, a lovely time. I feel fortified for year 29+!