How LA Has Changed Me, as Discovered on This Recent Trip to NY

  1. My alcohol tolerance has gone way down.
    You drive everywhere, so you drink less. Just happens organically.
  2. My commute threshold has gone way up.
    Oh, it's gonna be a 30 minute train ride to get to a costume fitting? Lol sometimes it takes me 30 minutes to leave Topanga. Bring it.
  3. I dress way more casually.
    Everyone in NY looks so damn styled. I used to think a lot about putting together an outfit every day. Now it's sneakers, jeans and a t-shirt on repeat. I miss it, I think.
  4. I'm much stronger. Thanks, hiking.
    Long walks or bike rides that used to tire me out when commuting don't phase me in the same way. I felt like a machine!