I Love the 3rd Indiana Jones, But...

  1. How is the etching on the paper dry after he swam through all that petroleum?
  2. Where's the X when he's busting through the marble floor?
  3. It didn't cross your mind this bitch might be a Nazi? Tossed her own room? Ugh.
  4. Dad has time to mail his notebook but doesn't have time to say -- hey, Nazis are after me. That ritzy dude=trouble.
  5. When Indy chucked the Nazi out of the blimp, the baddie landed on a pile of suitcases.
    Were those not getting loaded on to the blimp?? How did the blimp take off so quickly??
  6. How does Indy ever untangle his whip after he's hooked around something high up?
  7. The penitent man may know to kneel, but bitch is not gonna know to roll also.