I'm Hankering for Some Self-improvement ➕

Recently, I've been been doing a lot of work on myself. While on this kick (which I hope is never-ending) I want to absorb as much positive inspiration I can about how to live a happy and healthy life. Here's what I've consumed recently that I love. Suggestions welcome!
  1. Born to Run
    I am LOVING reading about other people exercising while sitting on a couch under a blanket. But really, learning about how intrinsic exercise is to a long and healthy life is very motivating. It has helped me want to get outside more.
  2. A Walk in the Woods
    I've listed about this book twice now. It was just delightful. Bill Bryson decided one day to hike the AT and he did it (sort of). He discovered an inner resourcefulness. I would like to discover I have inner resourcefulness, too.
  3. Dirtbag Diaries podcast
    This podcast is largely essays about people who are invigorated by the outdoors - mountain climbing, cycling, hiking. I find it calming to hear about people who have put their focus not on attaining things or success, but instead are willing to give up many basic creature comforts to unplug and engage in the world around them.
  4. Zero to Travel podcast
    Same as above, but an interview version. Also travel is the primary focus, whereas with dirtbag it's more about the sport dictating the locations. Not every episode is stellar, but the ones where he interviews cyclists or long-term travelers are great.
  5. The Power of Habit audiobook
    My first time really enjoying an audiobook. The cue, behavior, reward loop is incredible! We are all just gooey computers. But we are capable of change!
  6. Lost in the cosmos
    Changed my life right when I needed a change
    Suggested by   @ChrisK