I Made Friends With The Wild Peacocks In My Neighborhood!

There are several wild peacocks in our neighborhood. They have streets they frequent, and ours isn't one of them. Often I'll see them on my way home from a hike, and stalk them for a couple yards before they walk off, nonplussed. So imagine my delight when this happened:
  1. @dev and I were coming home from a walk and saw this on our roof:
  2. When they saw us, they FLEW DOWN into the backyard.
  3. People have definitely been hand feeding these guys, because they came right up to us, barely wary. Look at him checking me out.
  4. So I caved. Okay I know I shouldn't feed wild animals! I (probably) won't do it again. But seriously. Look at this punim.
  5. They look like sexy turkeys.
  6. Or elegant velociraptors.
  7. We hung out for a long time! They then walked around the house, checked out the front yard, came up on the porch, and walked up to the front door (I shit you not). I almost expected them to knock.
    Do they care about Dev strolling nearby? Not a lick. Maybe they're considering a move? Checking out the block???
  8. They visited our neighbor who was clearing brush before deciding they were over us and flying back to the roof.
  9. I am in 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗