Jobs I'd Really Like to Do Other Than the One I'm Already Doing

Love this question! Writing this helped me figure out that all I want to do is live quietly and simply in pretty, isolated places with @dev.
  1. Be Bill Bryson
    He travels around the world, enjoying small towns and local vibes, then records it with tenderness and self-deprecating charm.
  2. Mellow farmer
    Not a commercial farmer, just a self-sustaining farmer. With a chicken coop and a baller garden and some cows. And maybe I make my own hooch recreationally and throw clay and get really good at baking bread.
  3. spokesperson
    I love audible and I want all the free credits in the land. Enough said.
  4. Be Sally Mann while she was making Immediate Portraits.
    Living in the woods raising creative, body-confident children while capturing beautiful, quiet moments on film? Yes please and thank you.
  5. Lifestyle blogger
    A super cozy, sweet, country living kind of blogger. Like a more outdoorsy Bleubird, who makes a delightful tablescape and has posts about which herbs are best for beginning gardeners.
  6. Retired person
    There's an obvious theme in the above gigs... I just want to read and write and garden and take photographs and fix up a house and drink pretty homemade cocktails every day, basically. @fats is living the dream.