LA Hikes: Waterfall Edition

The idea of taking a dip in the middle of a summer hike sounds incredible. Haven't done any of these yet to vouch, but will!
  1. Solstice Canyon
    6 miles/3.2miles. Shaded. You pass a waterfall and the "oldest still-standing building in Malibu, and the ruins of a burned down mansion."
  2. Malibu Creek
    8 miles. Streams. MASH set pieces. Swimming-worthy.
  3. Santa Anita Canyon
    9.1 miles. Stream crossings. 50ft waterfall. Forests. Kinda crowded on weekends though.
  4. Bridge to Nowhere
    10 mile roundtrip hike where you have to cross a shallow river at several points. At the end, you come to an abandoned bridge in the middle of nowhere that's a hot bungee jumping spot.
  5. Los Penasquitos Canyon
    6.1 mile out and back. Super easy. Has some oak tree canopy. Follows a creek you'll have to cross a few times.
  6. Sturtevant Falls, Angeles Forest
    Suggested by   @film114