Ladies, This (Audio)Book is Important

Come As You Are, by Dr. Emily Nagoski. (The purse-as-vagina imagery is weird. Please overlook it.)
  1. I want every woman even thinking about becoming sexually active to have read/listened to this book.
  2. It is a positive, brilliant, and delightful conversation about sexual desire in women. If you have ever felt broken, or confused, or asked yourself if you're normal, this book will wrap its arms around you and leave you feeling excited and confident.
  3. She talks about biology, and the problems with our society, and (based on current research) what we can do to feel joyful about our own sexuality.
  4. Also, I strongly recommend the audiobook version because the author's voice is a dream. It's like you're talking to your silly, nonjudgmental, sweet girlfriend who knows exactly what to say.
  5. Get it. You won't regret it.