➕ Looking for an Engrossing Non-fiction Read -- Suggestions Please!

  1. Open to any subject!
  2. "Live From New York: An Uncensored History Of Saturday Night Live" by James A. Miller and Tom Shales
    Suggested by   @samboyd
  3. "A Wilderness of Error: The Trials of Jeffrey MacDonald" by Errol Morris
    Suggested by   @samboyd
  4. Newton and the Counterfeiter by Thomas Levenson
    Suggested by   @BlueRidgeGirl
  5. Wolf Hall and Bringing Up the Bodies by Hillary Mantel
    Cromwell was a beast. Plus gotta love lady historians.
    Suggested by   @maddiecalls
  6. The Secret History of Wonder Woman by Jill Lepore
    This woman could make the history of burlap interesting. Plus gotta love lady historians.
    Suggested by   @maddiecalls
  7. Going Clear by Lawrence Wright
    Scientology is crazy. Plus read it before the documentary comes out.
    Suggested by   @maddiecalls
  8. Of Dice and Men by David Ewalt
    This book is ridiculously nerdy, but utterly engrossing.
    Suggested by   @maddiecalls
  9. Max Perkins: Editor of Genius by A. Scott Berg
    Perkins was the editor to many of the greats - Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Wolfe, etc - and Berg does a masterful job of showing how he shaped their careers. A must-read for anyone who works in the arts, IMO.
    Suggested by   @mandi
  10. Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay
    Essays so good they hurt. I spit coffee on the subway I laughed so hard.
    Suggested by   @maddiecalls
  11. Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer
    Digs deep into the world of polygamous Mormon Fundamentalists, focusing on a double murder in 1984. Intense and fascinating. http://amzn.to/1vu1mG3
    Suggested by   @gabimoskowitz
  12. Rewrites by Neil Simon, suggested by @mia
  13. The Billionaire's Vinegar
    By Benjamin Wallace. A great way to learn about wine-making (or any art form) is to discover how people steal and counterfeit it. Follows the sale of a bottle of Bordeaux that supposedly belonged to Thomas Jefferson and the society of tricksters, frauds & unwitting accomplices who convinced the world it was real.
    Suggested by   @mattselman
  14. Pictures At A Revolution, Mark Harris
    The best book on the film industry I have ever read or imagined possible
    Suggested by   @zoe
  15. The Boys in the Boat by David Brown
    Great book about U of Seattle 9 man crew who won the 1936 Berlin Olympics
    Suggested by   @robyn
  16. (trigger warning-ish) "The Family: Ed Sanders." Elektric Kool-Aid Acid Trip, but about The Mansons. The cosmic face-palm: hustler finds Annie Wilkes-level devotees that eat his BS and are freakier than him. All the interpretations of LaBianca night, and of that command: "Do something witchy."
    Suggested by   @videodrew
  17. The Professor and the Madman, Simon Winchester
    I wouldn't have guessed that institutions for the criminally insane would figure so prominently into a history of the making of the OED
    Suggested by   @elle
  18. Heat by Bill Bufford
    Suggested by   @Tim_OConnell
  19. Born to Run by Chris McDougall
    Suggested by   @Tim_OConnell