Movies Through Which I Have Cried Hysterically

I will break out into hysterics at the end of any manipulative trailer or commercial, for context. You will note none of these are serious dramas, bc I don't even try to make it through those anymore.
  1. Wall-E
    I saw this in theaters ALONE ON VALENTINE'S DAY. So... primed.
  2. Interstellar
    This was a polarizing movie, for sure (I'm looking at you @bjnovak) but I bawled so hard in the theater I out-wailed the baby two seats away.
  3. Mrs. Doubtfire
    As a kid, this was a fun movie about a dad who dresses up and does great impressions. AS AN ADULT WITH ABANDONMENT ISSUES THIS IS A MASSACRE. He goes so far just to spend a little time with his kids. And they're going to have to go through so much therapy.
  4. The Help
    All I need is Viola Davis's VO to play and I'm gone. @dev will try and change the channel to stop the wailing, but I won't let him. Once you're in it, the only way out is through, amiright?
  5. World War Z
    I was in a state of panicked hysterics through the ENTIRE film. It hit something super deep and real in me. I can't explain it. But I can say I had to take three breaks throughout to get through it. Sometimes a movie needs a mad rewrite in the middle of production. Sometimes it's worth the gamble.
  6. Saving Mr. Banks
    One flight to LA. Two wines. One very concerned flight attendant. (BJ was great, though!)
  7. Toy Story
    Oh hey abandonment issues.
  8. Up
    Those first ten minutes are devastation. Not even a talking dog can make you feel whole afterward.
  9. Family Stone
    I love this movie. It and 50/50 are the only movies involving cancer I will watch (mama knows what she can handle). But it FUCKS MY SHIT UP.
  10. The Judge
    I watched this, unaware of what I was getting myself into. If I could, I would euthanize this movie. Fuck this movie.
  11. Marley and Me
    Suggested by   @lspencer