My 1st Hypnotherapist Appointment

@sophia is guiding me along a journey of self-discovery and this week's assignment was visiting a hypnotherapist. To note: I have never been hypnotized before.
  1. First thought: I am on the third floor of a strip mall in... is this the valley? This cannot be the right place oh wait yep there it is.
  2. The hypnotherapist asked me why I was there and I said post-Smitty I will do anything Sophia tells me. Also I am in need of all the help I can get.
  3. We chat, then she gives me a suggestibility quiz. She promises me there is no right or wrong answer. 😑 There's always a right and wrong answer, but I'll play your game, witch.
  4. I seem to pass. Right answer achieved.
  5. She put me into a "deep sleep" and I was like -- Yeah. Ok. -- but then she asked me if I could open my eyes AND I COULDN'T.
  6. She told me to walk down a staircase in my mind. The steps were glass and floating in space. I walked down them barefoot, and then plunged into nothingness until I found myself landing softly on a meadow.
    It was DELIGHTFUL. I felt pure wonder.
  7. Upon waking, I felt giggly and stoned (far from my normal 😁). Everything in the world felt JUST FINE. Is this how most people feel after deep meditation?? Or just when they're living life?? I want to feel this way every moment of the day.
  8. She asked me how long I thought the hypnosis was. I said 10 min? No? 7, then. AND IT WAS 27 MINUTES AND I GUFFAWED (or guffawed as much as is possible when you are feeling ZEN AS FUCK).
    Where did those 20 minutes go????? Truly.
  9. I told her I'd see her again because she did more for my sense of calm than two bourbons and a Jinx marathon could ever do. High five, witch. 🙏✨🌙