My 7 Favorite Twitter Accounts

  1. MIT Technology Review - @techreview
    Theirs is the only daily newsletter I read (and I can't recommend it enough if you have an interest in future technologies.)
  2. Bill Gates - @billgates
    Because he's adorable and gives great book recs.
  3. History in Pictures - @historyinpics
    Great photos of the past that really spark my curiosity and imagination.
  4. Wired - @WIRED
    Fascinating articles.
  5. The Atlantic - @theatlantic
    The only thing I'm currently subscribed to in tangible form.
  6. Mental Floss - @mental_floss
    @mentalfloss always gets a click through from me. Always.
  7. The Paris Review - @parisreview
    Great one line quotes from authors about writing.
  8. And honorable mention, - @thelistapp
    Because duh!