My Easter Weekend in Socal

@dev and I escaped LA for the weekend to see some of the west coast Flahertys and eat Easter candy.
  1. On our drive down, we decided to take advantage of our California Explorer Park Pass (I'm going to make a list extolling the joys of it later) and stopped at the popular surf beach, San Onofre SB.
    Amazing surfers were out in abundance, taking advantage of the mellow waves. The biggest treat was nearly tripping over this lone seal. We thought he was dead. He was not, just straight chilling.
  2. The parking lot was packed with campers, wetsuits drying on their open doors.
    "Governor Ronald Reagan established San Onofre State Beach in 1971. With over 2.5 million visitors per year, it is one of the five most-visited state parks in California," -Wikipedia. There were people playing volleyball and tightrope walking. We saw a dude legit surfing with a three year old clinging to his back. It felt like beach hippie paradise (if you're into a crowd).
  3. Then we hit Torrey Pines.
    2,000 acres of coastal state park, known for its unstable cliffs. There are a couple hikes (mild trails) through the park, none bigger that 1.25 mi).
  4. It's a beautiful, but crowded park. Think of it as the Runyon of San Diego.
    "The Pinus torreyana torreyana, also known as the Torrey pine woodland, is the rarest pine in North America. The plant has vanished over time due to the drying period over the last 10 years and has an intricate root system that helps attach it to the overbearing bluffs. Torrey Pines is the sole location worldwide where this subspecies grows," - Wikipedia
  5. And then, for the rest of the weekend, we hung out with some Flahertys.
    I drank all the prosecco.
  6. Not too bad of a getaway, if you ask me.