My Favorite Amazon Purchases This Year, or How Listapp Helped Me Realize I'm an Adult 📦📦📦

Making this list was an eye opener. Adulthood has arrived. 💞 you, List App! 💖 you, Prime!
  1. G&F kids leather work gloves
    I have small hands. Buying gloves is a real challenge, and I needed a pair that could handle rose thorns. THESE ARE MY EVERYTHING NOW. They also look like adult gloves, which I appreciate.
  2. Tabor pruning shears
    Small or weak hands? These are the shit. Side note: it felt like a really adult moment to spend money on serious shears.
  3. Sundown Naturals fiber gummies
    These taste SO good I got a three pack. Never enough fiber in your day!
  4. Native shoes in Jericho
    I LOVE them and got them for like 20% off. Only place I could find that had Natives on sale.
  5. Columbia men's wrangle MTN hat
    My neck and face feel so protected from the sun! Big silly hats are the best. I'm a convert. Did I even think about sun protection in my 20s? No I did not, because I thought I was impervious to everything. But the sun takes no prisoners.
  6. Black + Decker CHV1410L hand vac
    I think adulthood mandates having a vacuum you're excited about? This little guy is the shit. Easy to clean, bagless, adorable.
  7. Sunhiker waist bag
    This one is my second, because the first is so great I decided Dev needed one too.
  8. Trump toilet paper
    Stupidly expensive for toilet paper but I felt my step-sister would love this more than anything in this world. She did.
  9. Outlet timer
    Nothing feels so glamorous as having outdoor lights pop on magically at dusk.