My Favorite Gifs That I Use on the Regular, or How I Try to Seduce Dev Over Text

Download the latest version and bask in the magic I AM SO EXCITED! Recently, I've only been communicating with @dev via gifs. These are my favorites, and the terms I used to find them.
  1. "Ruth Wilson sex"
  2. "Chewbacca"
  3. "Happy shaking"
  4. "Sea Lion hug"
  5. "Young Frankenstein Madeline"
  6. "Sloth staring"
  7. "Turtle sex"
  8. "Dog broccoli"
  9. "Baby elephant mom"
    Search terms aren't sexy, but this is an accurate depiction of my main move.
  10. "New girl nick kiss"
  11. "Man repeller shimmy"
  12. "Grumpy cat"