My Favorite Pre-room/lunch Break Spotify Choices

Being in a room with a pack of other people all day hits some of my anxiety triggers (but I also love it! Fuck the conditioning of only child-life). Here are the tunes that help chill me out.
  1. Acoustic Blues station
    This playlist is perfect. Twangy guitars and raspy voices.
  2. Cole Porter's radio station
    Charming as fuck.
  3. Jazz for Autumn station
    Lyric free, uber chill jazz that reminds me of autumn Sunday drives scored by npr.
  4. Simon & Garfunkel's radio station
    Because I want to live in a Falling Water-esque house, and this is what I imagine I'd play on a casual weeknight there. Maybe with some wine. A fire in the fireplace. Toes dipping into the dark stream.
  5. Smoky Supper Club station
    Chet Baker, Coltrane, Shirley Horn. You'll want a scotch and a dark, corner table somewhere. And you pick at the weathered varnish in between sets.
  6. Gypsy Swing station
    Gypsy jazz. Makes me feel like I'm at the start of a Woody Allen romp.
  7. Joni Mitchell's Blue
    Because obviously.