My Favorite Stops Along Our Oregon Road Trip (Post-hood River)!

We stopped all over, and enjoyed many different places, but these were my favorites (in chronological order):
  1. Bollywood Theater
    Yummiest lunch on the whole trip. Seriously, the gobi is a game changer.
  2. Powell's Bookstore
    Our favorite spot in Portland, by far. It was incredible! We bought a stack of old Agathas. Also, appreciated it was open on Christmas. Gave us something to do while the rest of the city was completely shut down. You have my heart @powellsbooks 👌🤘👏
  3. Sauvie Island
    Such a weird and wonderful drive! It's this little island just outside of Portland covered in farms. We listened to jazz and bonded with sheep.
  4. The Danner Boots Factory Store
    I've wanted a pair of Danner boots for two years but they're so pricey and I have Merrells that absolutely do the trick. But we stopped in and there were boots (with no noticeable defect but apparently not up to their snuff) that were more than a hundred dollars off AND in my size (teeny tiny)!! I wore them the whole trip -- hiking in rain and mud, falling into tide pools, etc -- and my feet were warm, dry and comfortable the whole time. And they're way lighter than they look. Basically 💗💗💗
  5. The Cannery Pier Hotel
    It felt like staying on a ship in the harbor, but a lux ship with fluffy robes and deep bathtubs.
  6. Route 101
    PRETTIEST DRIVE EVER. Every little town is adorable. Every bend has a gorgeous view. Totally into it.
  7. Cannon Beach Hotel
    Like a sweet little New England inn. Nicest ladies running it. They gave us a bottle of sparkling wine on my birthday.
  8. Cannon Beach Hardware
    This place is a pub and also a hardware store WHAT?? Also, strong sass here.
  9. The Irish Table
    Great food, good vibes. This place is a coffee shop during the day and I dig it.
  10. Ecola Park
    My favorite hike. What views! Erosion seems to be winning here, unfortunately.
  11. Whale watching docents at all the major coastal stops!
    It was whale watching week during our trip. I have always loved roaming docents in parks, and the whale watching variety is even cuter.
  12. Jacobsen Salt
    I never knew salt could be so interesting. And the dude who explained it to us was mesmerizing in this man-of-the-sea way. I really wanted him to suddenly break into the USS Indianapolis speech from Jaws. Apparently they also do tours of the the factory but he told us he didn't have time that day. We still bought a lot of salt though because he was so passionate and the salt was so yummy.
  13. Oregon Coast Aquarium
    You get to chill with penguins up close!!
  14. Cape Perpetua
    Thor's well, bitches! We went twice because my better half loved it so much. He called it an adult playground.
  15. Yachats River
    Every inland drive around Yachats is stunning, but the one along this River was my favorite. It cuts through beautiful farm country and some lush rainforest.
  16. Siuslaw National Park
    There is a very treacherous 6 mile drive along what I think is called route 55? It's just before the turn out to the Cape Perpetua scenic overlook. It's rugged af and gorgeous. Don't do it in a rented Hyundai Accent 😁
  17. McMenamins Hotel Oregon
    This place has the dreamiest, coziest vibes, 3 bars and an abundance of reading nooks. ❤️❤️❤️