My iPhone Home Screen: Explained

I never realized how well this elucidates my failings as a person until now.
  1. Here's my home screen:
  2. First off, I'm obviously not a zero inbox person. DEAL WITH IT.
    Most of those are probably emails I did eventually want to address, but then didn't and they migrated to the bowels of my email where I can't ever find them. I wouldn't know how to get rid of this number if I tried. Well, I probably could if I *tried* but uggghhh why.
  3. The picture is one I took during a hike at Point Reyes. Fog and dark woods relax me.
  4. If I use an app a bunch, it (or the folder in which the app resides) makes it to the front. Don't ask me why some apps are on the top row or the bottom. They just are where they landed and I don't have the impulse to take the next organizational step.
    And besides, my thumbs know where everything is in this configuration. Why confuse them?
  5. In travel I actually only use Google Maps.
    Fuck you, Waze. We had a good thing going and then you got all binary with your tracking options. Stop being so controlling. (But I won't delete you because I'm hoping you'll see the error of your ways and we can go back to being us.)
  6. That random icon in the music folder is an app of relaxation melodies.
    I get bad anxiety before bed and one way I deal with that is to make and then listen to soundscapes of damp, northern forests.
  7. If I use an app daily it gets to exist outside of a folder.
    This is not universally true. Spotify and Podcasts I use on the regular but I don't know... They make sense together. Whatever.
  8. That being said, I'm just seeing that notification on the reminders icon for the first time. How ironic.
    It definitely has been up there for at least a week (now that I'm looking into it). Do not ask me to do anything responsible ever. It will ultimately only upset both of us.