My Makeup Bag Requirements

  1. The Multiple by NARS
    I have it in 3 colors, a pink, white and bronze. It makes everyone look dewy and incredible and takes 5 seconds total to apply.
  2. Outlast lip stain by Covergirl
    I put this on my lips before I apply lipsticks. That way when the lipstick invariably wears off there's some color beneath to hide the fact I'm irresponsible re: reapplying. But I don't think it's great on its own if you have vaguely chapped lips (which I do constantly).
  3. Colour Riche Lipcolour by L'Oreal
    In British Red (350). It makes my chapped lips look full hydrated, it's not sticky and the red hue is perfect. I've gone through countless tubes of this.
  4. Ultra Liner liquid liner by Maybelline
    I am blindly in love with this liquid liner. It is the only one I've found forgiving if you have unsteady hands. This is my desert island makeup product.
  5. Tweezerman Tweezers
    The are the tweezers to which all other tweezers should aspire. They are a complete game changer.