My New Favorite Topanga Hike Is in Malibu!

Im not sure where the line is between Topanga and Malibu, but we definitely crossed it. This hike is easy, short-ish, gorgeous, and empty.
  1. Drive along Skyline Dr toward Malibu. On your left, you'll see this parking lot. Park here, or along the road.
  2. There will be this little rock formation separating Stunt and Skyline. Look closely, and you'll see the entrance to the continuation of the Backbone Trail.
  3. A closer view!
  4. Take this trail along the ridge. Enjoy the great views. They'll only get better.
  5. You'll see a water tower. Keep going.
  6. There's this at a fork in the road. Stay left.
    Props to whoever has this camper up in the middle of the fire road. Well done.
  7. It doesn't look like you can keep going. You can. Walk around the water tower and find the trail on the backside of it.
  8. Keep going. You'll find another fork in the road - if you go right, you'll continue on the Backbone Trail. But you're going to stay left instead, and you'll round a bend and see this:
  9. Now it just gets pretty af. Walk along the trail until it Ts. Make the left, up the hill.
  10. You'll come to the top of the mountain. It's flat and wide, filled with caged baby oak trees. There are views out onto Malibu and Santa Monica on one side.
  11. And Topanga all the way to downtown on the other.
  12. It's fucking breathtaking.