My Too Simple Chana Masala Recipe!

Chana masala is one of my top five favorite meals on this planet. This is the recipe @dev and I make on the regular. It's super basic, completely vegan, and exceedingly delicious. That being said, I'm very new to Indian cooking, so if anyone out there has some suggestions re: spices or techniques, please send them my way! This serves maybe 6.
  1. Start with rough chopping 2 onions, then throwing them in a pot with olive oil until they start to brown.
  2. Add in 10 (or more) minced garlic cloves. Give that all a bit of a stir.
  3. Add in 4 diced tomatoes.
    The way Julie Andrews feels in this gif should be about how you're feeling at this stage in the game. Your kitchen smells DOPE.
  4. Here, I like to throw in some tumeric and coriander. It's pretty loose. And if you don't have those, fuck it, because honestly I'm not sure I've ever tasted the difference. But I do it anyway.
  5. Stir that whole mess around over low heat until the tomatoes have melted down into a large, smooshy thing.
    Like 5/10 min. Nothing should be firm.
  6. Then, throw the whole mixture in a bowl and cool it down. Fridge or freezer, you do you.
    You want it to get to room temp. Usually 20 min.
  7. While you're waiting, crack open 4 cans of chickpeas, drain them of their liquids, and dump them into your now rinsed out pot. Salt.
    There should be no heat here. This is all just prep. If you're sophisticated you'd probably just buy dry chickpeas and let them soak overnight? I'm not at that level yet.
  8. When your bowl has cooled to the touch, throw it in a blender and blend till smooth. It will turn a carrot color that is just delightful.
  9. Add the puréed mixture to the pot with the chickpeas. Heat that business up!
  10. Now, add garam masala, salt, and cayenne pepper to taste.
    For reference, I add maybe 3-4 tbsps of garam masala (I think???) You want the spring carrot color to turn an autumnal pumpkin color. And I like to have enough pepper that there's a kick. But salt is the real hero here.
  11. Microwave some naan you bought at the supermarket pre-packaged.
  12. Serve!
    I hope you like it!!