Natural Beauty Brands I 💗 😚🦄

The older I get the more concerned I've become with what's in the products my skin absorbs every day. Yes, maybe science will prove that talc or parabens or aluminum are ultimately fine for you, but why risk it if you don't have to? So, I've been experimenting. Would love to hear about other products that are worth trying!
  1. Schmidt's Natural deodorant
    Smells good and legit keeps me dry. I know with these natural deodorants some people can get a rash after lots of use from the baking soda, but I've never had that problem. Also, glides on smooth.
  2. Dr. Hauschka
    They started making all natural facial products in the 60s, before "natural" got bastardized. Everything smells herbaceous and amazing. It's on the pricey side, but every time I try a different brand I always end up coming back. Been using it on and off for ten years. Also I've heard their mascara is 💯 but haven't yet tried it.
  3. EO
    They NAILED the perfect lavender smell. Every time I shower or wash my hands and use this I feel like a glorious wood nymph.
  4. Dr. Bronners Castille Soap
    You want a completely pure and reliable soap, this is it. And the tea tree one got me through a nose-piercing infection when nothing else could.
  5. Weleda deodorant
    Not an antiperspirant. Think of it as an earthy perfume. The sage is yummy. Curious about the rose.
  6. Also side suggestion: the app Think Dirty
    You can search a product by name or by scanning the barcode and see how clean/dirty the ingredients are. Take the information with a grain of salt. It can make you crazy (every time I condition my hair now with my leftover Organix I quiver with discomfort and that's ridiculous).
  7. Things I'm always looking for: a delicious toothpaste, a talc-free powder that's comparable to Johnson's baby powder, and shampoo/conditioner that won't make my hair limp or dry. And really anything you think is great!
  8. Tarte
    Ever since I first got pregnant, I became more aware of the products I used on my skin. I would check the Environmental Working Group's website or app for ratings. Tarte not only is natural, eco friendly and cruelty-free, it's also just great makeup and nothing makes my lashes look better than their mascara (I also love their cheek stain!)
    Suggested by   @Veronique
  9. Lush!!!! The ocean salt scrub is my life & they have a good powder ✨
    Suggested by   @aliciamcelhaney
  10. Davines shampoo/conditioner
    It's an Italian brand that makes sustainable hair products out of natural ingredients. I've used the line for years.
    Suggested by   @element75
  11. alba shampoo & conditioner are my fav!!! especially this scent, it's like candy! they have deodorant, body washes, sun screen lip gloss and so much more too!
    Suggested by   @taylord
  12. For powder, I've started using cornstarch. I use a powder puff to apply.
    Suggested by   @hippiechick
  13. Tom's Simply White Toothpaste
    It tastes so fresh and clean but not at all artificial. I highly recommend!
    Suggested by   @bbveg
  14. Lush Silky Underwear
    I LOVE this dusting powder. It's light and soft and lasts a long time. Their holiday/winter version is called First Snow and it has mini sparkles in it.
    Suggested by   @bbveg
  15. Renpure
    All their products are sulfate & paraben free, and it's one of the few lines I can find that's true of that isn't also prohibitively expensive (for me), plus every one I've tried smells AMAZING. They have several lines, and for a long time Originals was the only one I ever saw in stores, but they seem to be expanding more lately. I get mine at Target.
    Suggested by   @nelle
  16. Earthpaste toothpaste!
    Suggested by   @marushka
  17. Some other odds and ends that work for me and are totally natural. Enjoy!
    Suggested by   @JordanFeldman
  18. Piper Wai deodorant is the best natural deodorant I've ever found
    Suggested by   @swilliams013
  19. For someone like me who has the most sensitive skin and literally breaks out if someone even says the word, zit, I love this line, too!
    Suggested by   @JordanFeldman
  20. This whole line is amazing.
    Suggested by   @JordanFeldman
  21. BeautyCounter!! I'm a makeup artist and LOVE It! Hit me up www.beautycounter/stephanietheimer
    Suggested by   @pinkstephy