Observations From the Mptf in Woodland Hills

The motion picture & tv fund is a series of UCLA affiliated clinics that service only people in the industry. I am currently sitting at the one in Woodland Hills. It's a little after 9am.
  1. Every CBS long running series is represented here right now, as evidence by various baseball hats. NCIS gets double bonus points.
  2. I've never seen so many people reading books in a waiting room.
  3. I've never seen so many people in one space reading library books. Libraries included.
  4. I want to know what everyone doeeesss. There are some good Nash Bridges stories in this room. I feel it.
  5. Someone just came out and angrily yelled, "I hope some of you are here to see Dr. Michaels...." Then, with a bright smile, "He's great!" Dude then dropped the mic and walked out of the clinic, with everyone laughing behind him. Oh, old hams.
  6. I'm surrounded by black and white pictures of old Hollywood stars from the 30s-60s. And then there's one of George Clooney (who I'm guessing donated a lot of $). It's black and white and trying to look arty but I KNOW it's from One Fine Day, the seminal Michelle Pfeiffer romcom.
  7. Someone named VELVET just got called in to see the doc. Yaaaaasss old Asian lady qweeen in your velour track suit.