Poems That Tickle My Skin

I'm on a poetry kick! Going to keep a list here of poems that move me as I encounter them.
  1. The Double Image - Anne Sexton
    "And I had to learn/why I would rather/die than love, how your innocence/would hurt and how I gather/guilt like a young intern/his symptoms, his certain evidence."
  2. Fiesta Melons - Sylvia Plath
    "Bowl one homeward in the white hot noon:/cream-smooth honeydews,/pink-pulped whoppers,/bumb-rinded cantaloupes/with orange cores."
  3. Street Song - Sylvia Plath
    "Nobody blinks a lid, gapes,/Or cries that this raw flesh/reeks of the butcher's cleaver,/It's heart and guts hung hooked/And bloodied as a cow's split frame/Parceled out by white-jacketed assassins."
  4. The Journey - Mary Oliver
    "and you felt the old tug/at your ankles./‘Mend my life!’/each voice cried./But you didn’t stop."
  5. After Work - Gary Snyder
    "I pull out your blouse,/warm my cold hands/on your breasts./you laugh and shudder/peeling garlic by the/hot iron stove."
  6. Catch-All - Danielle Chapman
    "It didn't cool the sting, and yet noticing/sunshine thumbing plums in a string/catch-all—/I was already well."
  7. Prayer is better than sleep - Momina Mela
    "I use language to build the gardens I’m destined to be expelled from, each imagined rose rendered true."
  8. The Way the Dying Hear Things - Marianne Boruch
    "That's it. She/was gone. But RADIUM, he said before/some of us behind her/started screaming. Ra-di-um, he kept/saying, echo/and ghost. She must/have heard that, so much/poison and shine."
  9. Community - Yrsa Daley-Ward
    "They say women are gentler, treat/each other better./Please./As if we never learned to eroticise our/rage,/to block out the screaming of the gut."
  10. 14 - Yrsa Daley-Ward
    "Staying forever far from home/completely, completely at sea./Knowing God has cut me out/jagged, loose, wild."
  11. New Mother - Sharon Olds
    "...all of you so tender/you hung over me,/over the nest of the stitched, over the/splitting and tearing..."
  12. The Girl - Sharon Olds [BIG TIME TRIGGER WARNING ON THIS ONE, guys]
    "they lay like pulled-up roots at his feet, naked twelve-year-old girls—he said/Now you're going to know what it's like/to be shot five times and slaughtered like a pig,"
  13. August 22, 1939 - Kenneth Rexroth
    "Values fall from history like men from shellfire,/Only a minimum survives,/Only an unknown achievement."
  14. When We with Sappho - Kenneth Rexroth
    "The sweet virile hair of thunder storms/Brushes over the swelling horizon./Take off your shoes and stockings."
  15. Between Two Wars - Kenneth Rexroth
    "And today, millions and millions, shut alive/In the coffins of circumstance,/Beat on the buried lids,/Huddle in the cellars of ruins, and quarrel/Over their own fragmented flesh."
  16. Feud - Theodore Roethke
    "Exhausted fathers thinned the blood,/You curse the legacy of pain;/Darling of an infected brood,/You feel disaster climb the vein."
  17. Howl - Allen Ginsberg
    "angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night,"
  18. Such Silence - Mary Oliver
  19. Viper Rum - Mary Karr
  20. Wendell Berry — The Peace of Wild Things
  21. Wendell Berry — To Know the Dark
  22. Sinners Welcome - Mary Karr
  23. Who the Meek are Not - Mary Karr
  24. Emergency Warning - Yrsa Daley-Ward