Reasons I've Come to 💗 Hiking

I'd probably hiked a cumulative five miles before I moved to LA. Now I count it as one of my favorite ways to spend my time. Here's why...
  1. You'll have real conversations.
    Hiking with people always leads to honest, thoughtful conversation. There's a lack of eye contact, few distractions and long breaks between stunning views. Words tumble out as people sit with their own thoughts. It's refreshing. You want to get to know someone better? A hike will open a person up more than a stiff drink 9 times out of 10. I promise.
  2. But also, you'll spend long stretches of time with someone without speaking.
    And doesn't that feel delightfully intimate also?
  3. The papery, hollow sound oats make when the wind cuts across them.
  4. You'll discover the secrets of your neighborhood.
    There are so many hidden benches in Topanga parks and tucked along quiet roads. I want to find all of them. There are creeks, waterfalls, and stone labyrinths. It rekindles a sense of wonder and discovery in me every time I happen upon something new.
  5. Endorphins!
    I can get my heart rate up to 120 just by thinking about moving. Serious cardio makes me want to die. Hiking is perfect for lazy butts like me - I work up a sweat when I go uphill, but cool off on the inevitable down hill, and after about a mile and a half those sweet natural drugs kick in and I feel like I could walk forever. And that makes me feel capable af.
  6. I get time with my audiobooks.
    Ugh I'm so into audiobooks right now. I just started (on my second book) and it is beyond soothing.
  7. There's no better time to think through a problem.
    It's just you and the quiet around you. If you take out your earbuds, you'll find yourself confronting those thoughts you've been trying to tamp down. Or at least I do. I'm constantly distracting myself, and it's nice to take some time to refocus.
  8. Wildflowers.
  9. Climbing into gloom.
    Gloomy weather feeds my soul in a profound way. If I wake up and can't see the mountains out my window because the fog is so thick, my heart swells up. When you hike in this weather, the higher up you go the more dense the gloom often is, and if you're very lucky you can feel it on your skin.
  10. It forces you to be in the moment.
    Precarious footing and gorgeous vistas will do that.
  11. The views.
  12. Chance encounters.
    Snakes, deer, bobcats, coyotes. Every hike is a new opportunity to have a surprising sighting. No two hikes are the same.
  13. The sound of dirt crunching under your boots.
    Aren't you bored of pavement?