Reasons Why Ocean Park Is the Best Neighborhood in LA

  1. Its walkable! 5 min to Venice, 3 to the beach!
  2. It's oddly lush, even in the drought.
    And not in a "well manicured lawn" way, but in a "thoughtfully gardened given the local climate" way.
  3. Craftsman houses
    The warm woods and inviting porches are so cozy
  4. Foggy mornings
    While the rest of LA may be sun scorched, the mornings here are wet.
  5. Tasty restaurants
    Thai vegan! Everything on Rose!
  6. No tourists anywhere
    Who even knows it exists? Who wants to haul up a steep hill to discover it? This leads to sweet, sweet quiet nights.
  7. Seconds from the 10
    Making the commute infinitely easier