Right Now I'm Super Into:

  1. The Boys in the Boat on audiobook
    Rory Gilmore's grandpa tells you about rowing life in the 30s/perseverance.
  2. Rum on the rocks
    Got tired of bourbon.
  3. James Taylor's self titled album
    THE BEST for rainy mornings. Also can we talk about this outfit/stach though.
  4. Bottleshock
    Is this a chic, intellectual movie? No. Is this an awesome movie, in which I discover something new every time I watch it? YES. Is this movie the most delightful movie ever made? DOUBLE YES.
  5. Franklin stoves
    Do you like fireplaces but require some legit home heating? Look. No. Further.
  6. A Short History of Nearly Everything
    To fall asleep to, having listened to it once before. Tell me about my namesake, Edmond Halley, Bill Bryson. Tell me slow and calming-like.
  7. Hiking for hours and hours by myself and communing with perennials.
    My Instagram at this point is just a horticultural love fest.
  8. Ripping off sage leaves and smelling them as I hike...
    Completely 25% why I hike.
  9. Rhye's album, Woman
    This album is just the best. I keep trying to move on from it but every time I drive down Topanga Blvd with my windows down all I crave is this.
  10. Old roses
    Found some on the property of the house we're renting and fell madly in love. My maternal urges are epic. I want to care for them forever.
  11. Home cooked chana masala
    Is there a better reheatable meal on this planet? No there is not. Is there a cheaper, healthier, more delicious meal on this planet? No there is not.
  12. Peacocks
    They are wild in my neighborhood and their caws are meow-like and I 💯% stalk them for instagrams but they run from me.
  13. Hiatus, after many many months.
    Finally taking some R&R, and it feels good.