Selfies That Never Made It Off My Camera Roll

I'm super awkward about taking selfies (I do not know my angles). But now and then I'll make an attempt, only to fail gloriously.
  1. ON FLEEK COWLICK that I almost texted Dev and then thought better because I want him to keep making out with me.
  2. Wanted to send my niece a pic of my nose ring and also articulate my self-esteem level. Goal achieved.
  3. Tried to take a sexy selfie on the beach and then realized I am incapable and then decided to lean in.
  4. Took this by accident while on a hike and then didn't hate it.
  5. Ugh. No.
  6. I took this when I discovered I was allergic to almonds at work and wanted Dev to know how my day was going.
  7. In my head this one was, "Yeah! I'm biting this flower! Growl! This will be a dope Instagram!" (Troubling enough). Then I saw that it looked like I was inviting the rose to test my gag reflex. Exists purely because I forgot to delete it.
  8. No complaints. Gotta capture those rare days where you actually feel fly in your own skin, even if it's just to have a confidence Easter egg hiding in the depths of your camera roll.