Some Fun Facts About @dev You May Not Know

Writing this in the last few moments of his birthday, while he is asleep beside me.
  1. He makes an amazing beet/kale/curried cauliflower salad. Even to the people amongst us who eschew veg (me) think it's delicious.
  2. He loves manatees.
  3. Scotch is his favorite drink, but recently he's also really into Campari.
  4. He's an only child.
  5. He's currently reading A Moveable Feast and seems to dig it.
  6. He likes to experiment with kale smoothie recipes.
  7. Keith Haring is his favorite artist.
  8. The thing he is most excited to move out here from BK is our vinyl collection.
  9. He likes rural life best.
  10. But he has a thing against moths.
  11. He wants to buy a VW Thing someday.
  12. He's the best husband ever.