Superpowers I Secretly Wish I Had

  1. Teleportation
    Peace LA traffic and time consuming flights!
  2. Be able to read a book in seconds and retain the contents indefinitely
    Book 1: scrabble dictionary, Book 2: the biggest, most up to date encyclopedia I could find. Then I'd start blazing a trail through the syllabi of every interesting course I could get access to that I never had the time or ability to take.
  3. Be able to speak every language perfectly
  4. Mind control
    I would use it thoughtfully!
  5. Not need sleep
    I could do it if I was in the mood to dream, but would never need it.
  6. Heal people quickly (with no sacrifice to my own health or well being).
    Peace cancer, chronic diseases, Alzheimer's.
  7. Be able to create a cheap cure for above issues, then patent them, and then make them available to everyone.
  8. Be able to see the world in such a way that would help advance our understanding of how the universe works.
  9. Be able to eat anything and be beyond lazy while maintaining physical fitness and all the benefits that come with it.
  10. Be able to come up with cheap and executable solutions for the world's issues: hunger, global warming, overcrowding etc
  11. Motivate people to be more productive and positive with a wink.
    Be able to look in and mirror and do it to myself as well.