The 5 📷🔀

Okay, I did more than 5. This was my favorite list request to date. W00t w00t @NKraft
  1. On Monday my whole office took a work field trip to a gun range and a horse ranch. Best work day ever.
  2. Example B.
  3. I saw this poem on a flavorwire list and loved it instantly. It's now written on the white board in my office. I took a screenshot to transpose it.
  4. I have loads of pictures of surfers on my phone. I could watch them for hours.
  5. Example B.
  6. Dev took this with my phone. It was from our trip to Joshua Tree. I'd had an awful week and the 6 mile hike got me out of my head, at least for a bit.
  7. Example B.
  8. This is @dev from back when we started dating. Look at that dreamboat, rolling up all chill like.
  9. This is my iPhone background. I took it up in Point Reyes. It was the most beautiful park I'd ever seen. Fog was thick, trees were menacing, hills were rolling, and elk were unmoved.
  10. @dev again. He got T-boned by a van a couple years back. As we were leaving the hospital, once I was promised he was ok, I made him pose for a portrait.