The Circus on Showtime Rocks My Socks

Why has no one been talking about this show? Or maybe I've just been under a rock (also true). I am now officially OBSESSED.
  1. This is a documentary series giving a backstage look at the candidates running for president as they fight their way toward the nomination.
  2. It is informative.
    @dev and I have been keeping up with the races, but this gives a whole new and completely enthralling angle to the whole thing.
  3. The episodes are only 30 minutes.
    You're not going to get bored or overwhelmed. But truly I wish they were an hour because it never feels in depth enough.
  4. The hosts are smart and thoughtful.
    They talk about their predictions and are enjoying the ride.
  5. They're doing it in basically real time.
    The last episode was about how Hill and Trump's campaign handled the Brussels attacks.
  6. It's exciting.
    But anything re: this election is exciting because the GOP and America's political future hang in the balance.
  7. I've become incredibly impressed by all the candidates. You see how hard they work, how much they travel, how truly good they are at spinning.
    This show humanizes most of them. Not Trump though. He's the big villain of the show. But he dealt himself that hand.
  8. And Mark McKinnon can wear a hat like whoa.
    He's one of the hosts, and side note he and I legit dress the same. I have strong respect for his Stetson ownage.