Things From NY I'll Miss

We're officially moving to Topanga and saying goodbye to our BK home. I've been avoiding addressing it, but it's time.
  1. Biking through Brooklyn in the summertime.
    Anywhere. Everywhere. All of it.
  2. Smith street.
  3. The Highline.
  4. Monofuku milk bar.
    Birthday cake balls!
  5. Caracas Arepa Bar.
  6. Biking over the bridges at night.
  7. Smiling pizza.
  8. American Cheez.
    The new neighborhood bar we discovered right before we moved.
  9. Being drunk at night and having 3 different modes of transport home.
  10. All my friends.
  11. Speakeasies.
  12. Burlesque.
  13. All the delivery at any hour.
  14. Snow.
  15. Rain.
  16. Being able to have a great day of discovery having spent $0.
    It's all about a long walk through a new neighborhood.
  17. Chelsea Market.
  18. The West Village.
  19. Walking to flea markets on Sundays and buying cheap vinyl.
  20. Halloween parades and giving out candy.
  21. The view of Manhattan from BK rooftops.
  22. Red Hook dates.
  23. Biking along the west side highway to the GW bridge.
  24. Humidity.
  25. Proximity to upstate NY for a good weekend escape.
  26. Changing leaves.
  27. Fall.
  28. The Park Slope Armory YMCA.
    The best gym ever, and the only one I've ever felt comfortable in.
  29. Celebrate Brooklyn! Summer concerts
  30. Reading books on public benches.
  31. Roz, the owner of Pizza Plus
    Babysat Dev in childhood. Still tried to give me a big BK kiss on the lips every time I walked in. The grandmother we all wished we'd had.
  32. How mean and powerful the dark streets can make you feel.
    I felt so brave, jamming to Santigold and wearing all black while pounding toward some evening plans.
  33. Getting lost in Prospect Park while brainstorming.
    Happening upon swans gliding over quiet ponds was always a treat.
  34. Prevalent bike lanes.
  35. Bagel Hole
  36. Strand.
    I loved the smell of that place. Books and worn wood.
  37. My amazing apartment and its charming backyard.
    It was the first place I've lived in that felt like home. It was big and warm and the perfect place to have quiet dinner parties and late night drinks. I grew flowers and herbs in the backyard.
  38. Evolving Gowanus.
  39. The Museum of Natural History.
  40. The incredible feeling of independence NY provides.
    You can get anywhere and do anything if you decide to. You're not encumbered by cars or sobriety or traffic or being alone. You are free.