Things I'm Into This Week!

  1. Fable, written by @charlesyu in this week's (or maybe technically last week's?) @newyorker
    Hilarious and then heartbreaking and so fucking smart. #westworldpride
  2. The used PS3 I picked up at Game Stop
    This has been amazing for my anxiety! And, you can buy hit PS3 games at Game Stop for like $2-4 bucks a pop! So worth it. Got the 1 year warranty, as instructed by @minhal in her great list: How to Rock Game Stop
  3. And on my PS3, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    I'm a 7th level wood elf, just FYI. But seriously this game is amazing and vast and it's basically like living inside Game of Thrones. I have lost HOURS just wandering through beautiful settings.
  4. Watching @dev kick ass in Uncharted.
    I really like watching other people play video games. What can I say, mama loves seeing folk overcome obstacles.
  5. Not having my town burn down
    Most of Topanga was evacuated from Saturday late afternoon until Sunday night. No homes were destroyed. Firefighters all deserve constant hugs.
  6. The Duff
    Is this movie a silly teen comedy with a heartfelt speech at the end? Yes. Is it genuinely funny and endearing? Yes.
  7. Kingsman: The Secret Service
    This movie was delightful! So much better than I'd expected. Like, really 💯💯💯. I want those prosthetic sword feet in a genuine way.
  8. The Cuckoo's Calling, by "Robert Galbraith" (aka JK Rowling)
    Straight forward, well done detective story that's cleansing my palate from a real audiobook disappointment I won't name.