Things I'm Into This Week:

  1. Thayer's Rose Petal Witch Hazel
    Always looking for that new natural product. Tried this at @iei515's house on a whim and now my leather face (seriously — my skin's texture wants to be like an alligator's, no matter the moisturizer) is soft and human-like! Game changer.
  2. Ready Player One
    On audiobook. Fun, light, exciting!
  3. Portal 2
    On Steam. Is this a perfect game? So far.
  4. Art Tatum
    His album "The Collection" is yummy.
  5. Fixer Upper
    On Netflix. Once I get past the insanely cheap price of homes in Waco, TX (I mean, wtf), OMG is this not the most delightful home improvement show. I put it on when I'm working and marvel.