Things I'm Into This Week!

It's been too long.
  1. The Crown
    GORGEOUS and riveting even though so very little happens. Also John Lithgow plays Churchill. Don't fight it, just open Netflix and let it happen.
  2. Career of Evil - Robert Galbraith
    Halfway through and it's already my favorite of the series. Highly recommend the audiobook version — hearing all the niche accents is great. I'm so sad there aren't more Cormoran Strike books!
  3. Buying bras that fit
    When you've been wearing the wrong size for years and then you try on the proper fit for the first time:
  4. Journaling!
    It was a New Years resolution for me. I started a week before New Years and have been keeping up with it. It's been a great way to reflect on the positives of the day and to also track my mood. Definitely makes me feel more daily gratitude.
  5. Growing herbs in my bathroom
    Now I get occasional wafts of mint or lavender or sage and it's HEAVENLY.
  6. A deep molded sleep mask!
    I've been sleeping with an eye mask for years now, but always just used flimsy flat ones. It was time for a new one, so I bought one that's molded so you can blink inside it. GAME CHANGER. Mine is by Lonfrote and I got it on Amazon for 9.99. Can't recommend it enough! So comfy, so dark.