Things I'm Into This Week!

  1. Cooler weather
    Finally hiking again! And all the plants are starting to wake up with the extra dew!
  2. Coola Sport - Mango scented
    My wonderful city serum by Supergoop is not made for real sweating, so I decided to pick up this. IT SMELLS SO GLORIOUS I now want to wear it every day.
  3. Better Booch Kombucha
    My gut bacteria journey continues. I like to buy one while grocery shopping as a reward for surviving grocery shopping. Inspired by @ashleycardiff
  4. This Giraffe Costume
    I bought it for Halloween but have worn it almost every day since it came in because it's the MOST comfortable onsie I've ever known and I'm a BALLER. #adulthood
  5. Watching Westworld with my friends from Westworld
    We laugh about inside jokes and cheer when each other's names come on the screen and it's super supportive and delightful.
  6. American Apparel's High-Waisted Jean
    Because they don't make 501s in children's sizes and these are the closest I could find. I cut mine to ankle length and I'm obsessed.
  7. Feminist t-shirts
    Because fuck you, Trump 🙅I'm grabbing LIFE by the pussy.