Things I'm Into This Week

I'm 1 glass of rose and 1 sleeve of Oreos into my evening so obviously it's time to list.
  1. 30 Rock
    On Netflix. This was an amazing show and it totally holds up. Such a nice thing to come home to after a long day of work.
  2. Probiotics
    I've been listening to the audiobook Brain Maker. Take your gut bacteria seriously, guys!
  3. Rose Petals Rosewater
    I feel like such a goober spraying this all over my face when I need to mellow but it smells like true magic. I just wish the scent lasted longer.
  4. Birchbox
    I tried it on a whim and I'm HOOKED. Ugh I get so excited just thinking about trying new samples. And now they have an ingredient-conscious section? Be still my heart.
  5. Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream
    A birchbox sample that's a game changer. I have the driest hair, and LA only made it worse. Nothing worked on it. I deep condition every week, I have Aveda stuff my hairdresser made me get... all barely helped. And then birchbox sent me this and my hair is like SILK and I can't stop touching it. It's so good it must be made of tears of the gods or something.
  6. Smoreos/Birthday flavored Oreos
    I bought 6 packages at Ralph's this weekend. Limited editions, guys!
  7. The trainers on The Biggest Loser
    I want to be bffs with all of them! (But trained by Dolvett because OBVIOUSLY).