Things That Have Happened This Week That Would Never Happen in Bk

California, this is your fault.
  1. I'm on the precipice of buying a 6' macrame plant hanger for my office.
    I've got high ceilings and some of my office succulents are of the dangling variety.
  2. I have office succulents.
    Versus house succulents.
  3. I have leased a Prius.
    It is named Lauren @laurensavoy
  4. My drive to work is scored by a Spotify mix I have titled Joshua Tree
    It's a lot of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, guys. A lot.
  5. I bought hiking boots.
    Because there are some mad dope hiking trails driving distance from LA. And I hike all the time now.
  6. Joni Mitchell
    Guys! Have you heard Case of You? I'm the last to the game on this one but HOLY SHIT this gal has it.
  7. I wore denim cut offs to work.
    Because what is snow.