This Weekend's 5⃣📷🔀

  1. The bathroom at the Idyllwild ranger station legit called me out.
  2. We hiked up to a place called Suicide Rock. It was an arduous 6.6 mi (roundtrip) hike. There was a stream of melted snow along the way, and the view at the top was top notch. My brain resets in nature, guys. It's super intrinsic to my well-being.
  3. @dev and I went back to IDYology (the bar that looks like One Eyed Jacks).
  4. Sunday we got perfect weather (impenetrable fog + drizzle)
  5. We visited Lake Hemet, which is very reminiscent of upstate NY. I saw ducks I've never seen before (black, white bills). There wasn't a person in sight (even the trailer park that takes over half the lake felt abandoned).