To Do, 2017

I didn't really make an effort to leave Topanga in 2016 (which is totally okay), but this year I want to see more of LA. So here's a running list of fun things I'll try and visit. If anyone has suggestions, send them my way!
  1. The museum of neon art
  2. Malibu Wines weekends of live music and picnics
  3. The Broad
  4. Harry Potter world
  5. The Magic Castle
  6. Museum of Jurassic Technology
    Not everyone's cup of tea, but there is tea available at the end of the exhibits.
    Suggested by   @wordytime
  7. See Endeavour at the California Science Center!
    Actually awe-inspiring
    Suggested by   @Nikki
  8. Go to one of Jon and Vinny's restaurants!
    Suggested by   @cvlop61